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Friday, May 6, 2011

New Testament in a Month Challenge

A good friend of ours recently posted on Facebook that he was leading his adult Sunday School class in a challenge to read the entire New Testament in a month. I thought that was a pretty daunting challenge until I actually started reading. I was surprised at how little time it really takes. So, I have joined him. And in the process, I happened across another person online who said they had done this every month for a year at one time in the past. I like a good challenge. I'm not sure I'll do the New Testament every month for a year - I'd like to do the Old Testament in a similar time frame. We'll see. It does seem like a good way to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible - which is the only one I read.

Anyway I thought some of you might like to have the schedule for reading through the New Testament in a month, so here it is. I challenge you to read it along with me :)

1 Matthew 1-9
2 Matthew 10-15
3 Matthew 16-22
4 Matthew 23-28
5 Mark 1-8
6 Mark 9-16
7 Luke 1-6
8 Luke 7-11
9 Luke 12-18
10 Luke 19-24
11 John 1-7
12 John 8-13
13 John14-21
14 Acts 1-7
15 Acts 8-14
16 Acts 15-21
17 Acts 22-28
18 Romans 1-8
19 Romans 9-16
20 1 Corinthians 1-9
21 1 Corinthians 10-16
22 2 Corinthians 1-13
23 Galatians - Ephesians
24 Philippians - 2 Thessalonians
25 1 Timothy - Philemon
26 Hebrews
27 James - 2 Peter
28 1John - Jude
29 Revelation 1-11
30 Revelation 12-22

By the way, my friend didn't post the schedule until the 3rd or 4th day of the month, so I had to catch up. The first night I read all of Matthew in one sitting. What a blessing that was - to see the life of Christ from birth to resurrection all in one reading. I can already tell this is going to greatly increase my overall understanding - seeing it all in one big picture. I've read these books many times over, but not in such a short time frame.

I considered also the option of reading one book each day - in the New Testament, that would mean finishing in 27 days, which allows a day off a week, and still accomplishing the reading in a month. Some of the books are pretty long for that, but if I could make it through Matthew in one sitting, the rest ought to be a breeze. (It took me 2 1/2 hours to read Matthew, but I'm not the fastest reader out there.)

Oh, and if you're feeling really ambitious, here's a plan for reading through the New Testament in a week! :)

Monday: Matthew 1 - Mark 9
Tuesday: Mark 10 - John 6
Wednesday: John 7 - Acts 22
Thursday: Acts 23 - I Corinthians 14
Friday: I Corinthians 15 - I Thessalonians 5
Saturday: II Thessalonians 1 - I Peter 2
Sunday: I Peter 2 - Revelation 22

Even if you just read one chapter each day, I highly encourage you to be in the Word of God daily ~ its such a blessing!

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