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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Shop Hop, Stop Four - Rexburg, Idaho

Stop four was in Rexburg, Idaho at a Porter's Book and Variety store. They have a lot more than just fabric, which was a real distraction to my daughter ;) While I spent half an hour waiting to have my fabric cut, she wandered the store with the camera, planning out how to decorate her room.

She plans to go with a black and grey zebra theme with lime green accents, so this collection fit perfectly into her scheme. Maybe it would be more accurate to say zebra accents. It really is going to be a beautiful combination if the room ever gets out here with the rest of the house. You'll have to trust me on this. I know it sounds odd, but I've seen the plans, and I think it will be tastefully done :)

She also did quite a bit of messing around here - ha. She had plenty of time though. I gotta say this was a frustrating stop. We were making good time until we got to this store, and they were busy. They only had one person cutting fabric, and I literally waited in line to get my fabric cut for 30 minutes. They had a game we could have played which was like a treasure hunt. They had a list of 12-15 items to find on fabrics around the store - then you had to get them checked off. It would have taken quite awhile to do it, and after having been at the store 40 minutes, I was over it. I'm not even sure what I could have won by playing, because by that time, I was wanting to move on. We had hoped to be in and out quickly, and it just didn't happen. So instead, they gave us one free fat quarter each, and we headed on to the next store.

This was their version of the shop hop quilt. I think the color scheme works well here.

Their block was the bee block, which looks like a fun block to put together.

And of course their charm is a bee.

We ended up with a bunch of fat quarters and a couple of quarter-yard cuts from this store. My daughter picked out the middle three on the top row, and the rest are mine. I was mostly thinking of my hexagon quilt here, with the obvious baby choice on the dinosaurs. The green dandelion fabric on the top right was something I grabbed last minute in order to take advantage of the "5 fat quarters for $10" deal. Two of the fat quarters were free, and three of these fabrics were yardage cuts. Total spent = $20.09.

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